ECO STOR AS – Sommerjobb – 2023



Hello there, interested in sommerjobb in a startup reusing electric car batteries for renewable energy

At ECO STOR AS in Oslo we do this, and we could need some help this summer from 2 -4 students. By the way, we could also need some part time help working from remote. We have some interesting tasks suited for sommerjobbs:

Energy storage investment decision tool?

We have a 3 rd party tool to for this, but we consider developing an inhouse tool. The tool can be an excel spread sheet, Phyton script or something else. The tool can use input from Nord Pool energy spot price and a typical consumer energy consumption and calculate profitability if using the battery to buy electric energy when cost is low and sell energy when cost is high. Also, income from other services like utilizing the battery to reduce peak 1 hour energy consumption and frequency services could be interesting to include in the tool.

Energy Management System?

This task is similar to the Energy storage investment decision tool, but in this task, the functions are written in Phyton and will run on our Energy Management System microprocessor. EMS sends charge and discharge commands to the battery inverters providing the real power to/from the grid.
We will help you with setting up the real battery storage test system and downloading your EMS functions into the EMS microprocessor and test its performance in our test lab.


If you know anything about microcontrollers, we have several functions to be implemented in our new microcontroller-based Battery Interface Unit.

Standards and legislations?

Standards and legislations are important, and we could need help from someone interested making an overview of requirements applicable to battery energy storage system like the ones we are building.

Fleet management and visualization –WEB design?

We have a small fleet of energy storage systems already delivered and we have a 3 rd party web-based tool for visualization and access. The existing tool is not very advanced, and we are interested in developing an inhouse Web based tool for visualization of a few key parameters as battery state if charge, in operation, warning, fault, etc.

Power and frequency measurement device?

We will help you with identifying the required equipment to measure frequency and guide you on SW functions, but it would be nice with help on putting the measurement equipment together, write the required simple functions in phyton or C/C++ and test it in our test lab.

Can’t find a task suitable for you?

Describe your interest and the kind of work you are interested in, and we may find an opening for you.

General for the tasks

We will support you and guide you if (when) you get stuck and need help. The tasks are important for us, but we are not reliant on your success. You are, as we all are, allowed to fail. We hope you can work for us 6-8 weeks during your summer break, but we all need some vacation, so
the last three weeks of July is vacation. The work for us can be just a summer job, it can be combined with a bachelor and master thesis, or it can be extended as a part time job if we are a good match.
We are located at Haslevollen 3i, 0579 Oslo. Regular working hours are 40h per week, free lunch excluded. Payment: according to “Veiledende timelønn i sommerjobb i 2023” (
If you find some of the indicated tasks interesting and want to join us for the summer, please send an
application to:

Helge Kolstad
PhD. Technical Director
+47 470 79 818